Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had a lovely chat with Aunt Tracy this afternoon....thank you for your wisdom. I tend to talk off and on about changes, so here I go again. I can never get enough of it, especially when life is a constant change. I am so thankful for change...even though at times...it's harder to adjust when it happens.

I see that life has definitely changed for many in my life. I am grateful for all of it. If we stayed exactly the way we are now, would you be happy? I know that I'm glad I'm a "Work in Progress" for our Heavenly Father. He did make me perfect, yet I have choices to make every day! I'm not where I want to be in lots of things...yet I am happy at some that I am! Here's a thankful list of people and things in my life:

  • Having an amazing husband, who takes care of me.
  • A church family, who is so amazing...and a pastor, who I feel talks to me every Sunday with his sermons!
  • A family, who loves me no matter what....and I love spending time with them when I get to!
  • A job that keeps me running around and adjusting, so that I don't ever know the feeling of "boredom".
  • A life for which God has blessed me more than I could ever want.
  • A home that is gorgeous and feels so warm and loving!

Yes, I may get emotional about the changes that take place.....yet, I know God is going to get me up and down the mountain....it just might take a little longer for me than those around me.

I just have to SHOUT it to the world...."GOD is EVERYTHING to me"! I know that my schedule can get in the way...but like my pastor stated this past Sunday....

What goes into the well....will be drawn up in the bucket! So, no matter where your path takes you....know that whatever you put in...will come out. Change happens...how we deal with it in the end....helps others see our character.

I'm praying that I can make time to put HIS WISDOM in, so more of it will come out. Hang in there for whatever you are going through....change can make us be the best version of ourselves. Have a blessed day and know that you are in my prayers through all that your journey will bring to you and for those around you.

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