Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Flu? Not Sure!

Okay, so my lovely sinus infection might be the flu....but I have no it could be just a nastier sinus infection than I thought. Keep me in your prayers. I can't sleep, because I can't get air through my nose! :) Talk about an interesting way to live life....sleeping through my mouth is hard...perhaps I could make it into the Guinness Record Book or something...that sounds like a cool thing to do. See I'm turning a negative into a positive! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, so what was my disappointment from this last weekend....I had and still have a dang sinus infection....which meant I couldn't run the race nor support my fellow runners....which sucked! There I said sucked, but I am looking forward to cleaning the slat and starting a new goal in running. I just have to get over this lovely detour...called a major pain in the butt sinus infection.

I do want to tell all my fellow RW peeps...I am so proud of each of you for making your goals into reality this past weekend. I know I haven't caught up with everyone, but I am super siked to see how awesome you are to me....very inspirational...way to succeed.

Now, pray that I beat this sinus infection so I can get back to running. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lake McMurtry Race (4.4.09) Report

As I look back at the 2009 Lake McMurtry Race, I can still hear the bagpipes blowing while I thought to myself what a crazy nut I really was for trying to do another race so soon after the Snake Race. Though that morning on Saturday, April 4, 2009 we were actually early, I was behind on getting my running schedule back to a normal one....whatever that may be. I think I'm starting to do the Roman way...and for those of you who do not know what the Roman way is....let's just say it is where you don't run your training schedule, then run a long race to get the jewels at the end...if you survive! :)

Any ways, I have to give a shout out to TZ for putting on a wonderful race. I know he and others put a lot of time into making it all happen. Let's just say that it's not your fault if my running shoes I got were not the one's I should have been wearing that day. It's what I get for leaving my green machine running shoes in the car....thinking that I could let my new pearl's be trail running shoes....THEY ARE NOT TRAIL RUNNING one told me that...I just decided they would be....I WAS WRONG!

So....running schedule off....wrong running shoes....too busy of a schedule....had to wear gluten free diet while not getting to take any meds for allergies....soooooo no gu at the time....yep, I think that covers my list of what I could blame for not getting a better time than I got.... :) Okay, so my elements weren't perfect...the one good thing going for me that day was Dee....without my Trail Angel....I could not have finished the race....and let me tell you I wanted to stop a million times....I know, even ESB, thinks about discontinuing!

I will say this.....I had a little competition going on with the roots...yes, there were millions of them along the trail...and I kid you shouldn't be called the Lake McMurtry should be called SURVIVING THE ROOTS RACE! :) All I have to say is that the score was ROOTS 4 and ESB 1,034,231 (please do not hold me to the score keeping....I'm guesstimating)! Let's just say they were in was like a freakin paradise for roots every where!

Now for the when I thought there couldn't be any more steep climbs....there were more....they went on and on....yes, I admit....I had to walk several....the dang shoes I decided to wear were not equipped for this kind of challenge. I can't be mad at the shoes, just me for assuming too much from the shoes! Let's say another thing that I will not.....and I MEAN WILL wearing the certain pair of shoes that I so decided to wear that day thinking that they would be awesome for me....I should have never let my other Trail Brooks down, by leaving them in the car.

What did this massive failure on deciding the wrong shoe result sucking it up and adding a lot more to my time, plus those dang shoes zapped my energy....I had to work my butt was like trying to ride a tricycle in the Tour de France...IT JUST DOESN'T WORK....not even Lance Armstong could pull that off! :)

Okay, I think I made a point about my shoes....carrying on...the aide stations couldn't have come at a better time along the trails....thanks to Bill, Ed and Lisa.....I wouldn't have made it without you as well! It was hard for me to figure out the eating thing with this lovely gluten free diet....but I will say....I am back on my allergy medicine and it's getting better. I just break out on my face when I eat stuff with's better than my little attack at the beginning of the race....yes, I thought I could do my chocolate gu...I was wrong....thank God for breathing techniques! When I came to the Leap O Doom...the breathing was scarier than the leap....I conquered both of those dang challenges!

The cattle rail bridges were my absolute favorite in the race.....sikes (yes, 80's lingo is back)....these were thankfully a short little challenge along the way. The first time...not so bad...second shoes had killed my legs...and the bridge was a huge challenge...the spaces of the rails seemed really far away from the next....yes, things get magnified when getting tired...and needing electrolytes....again my Trail Angel AKA Dee gave me something something....not sure what was in the vitamin...yes, that's what we will call it....but it REALLY helped give me some energy....I wasn't Speedy Gonzalez, but I could at least face the battle with the ROOTS! :)

Any ways, when I got to the very end of the race....the lovely stairs that Ken was so sarcastic about...he warned us that we couldn't kill him when we got to the end...because of the gift that awaits at the end...he said we'd have to deal with it....well, Ken, it wasn't too was better than trying to fight off the ROOTS in the race! :) I was never so happy to see Michael at the end of the race....I saw my time and didn't care....

I had faced so many emotional, mental and physical challenges in my 3 hours 14 minutes and 45 seconds that I really didn't I had to rush off to the next 2 of 3 things for that day. Yes, we drove from Tulsa to Stillwater that morning for the race....then back from Stillwater to Tulsa for me to take a shower and go to my friends Bridal Shower....then...oh yes....back from Tulsa to Stillwater again for Jodie's 50th Birthday Surprise...soooooooo, needless to say...I was glad to be the end of the race....and at the end of the day! :)

Will I do more trail running you might ask? Heck yes! I think Michael and I both agree that we need to do some actual training 2 to 3 times a week on trails....if we are going to be doing trail races...which we are! I know TZ you have to be smiling at this point!

As far as pictures go, I decided to tell little things throughout my pic album on facebook. I wanted to mix it up. Uploading pics to the blog takes some time and I thought the typed report was more important. I hope you enjoy the pics there.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have a few goals for tomorrow:

1. Post pictures on facebook of events in the past month.
2. Lake McMurtry Race Report!
3. Lasik Surgery Report!
4. Catch up with my family and friends on facebook and blogging!

So be ready to read some exciting reports from me. Thank you to everyone who has been here for me always. It's been a crazy busy, but fun year. Lots going on, but what's important....that my peeps are always there! Love you all! Can't wait for you to read what I will type!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slowing Down for just a minute~

Talk about running like a chicken with its head cut off...that has been my life story. It seems like my slow downs aka vacation time...tends to be busier than anything else. I will be reporting my happening within the week. I started out with my days off like so....

Thursday - Hair cut and color, drive from Tulsa to Merriam, KS to hotel, frive to KC, MO to concert, drive back to Merriam, KS to watch Twilight until 3:00 am on Friday at hotel

Friday - sleep in, drive to KC, MO one more time, then rush home so Jodie can get dogs, go to hospital to visit the Brown's (baby Nate is handsome), try to get some stuff done for the Saturday events (pack for trail race, wrap present for Wedding Shower & work stuff).

Saturday - Get up at the butt crack of dawn...ride to Stillwater for Lake McMurtry Trail Race (report coming this wee...I promise), rush back to Tulsa for Cassandra's Wedding Shower at the Summit (yes, I was able to look pretty in 35 minutes)...then rush home to get Michael...and ride back to Stillwater for Jodie's Surprise 50th Birthday party..then dinner with Chris...back home to die of tiredness and allergy attack from eating food I really can't have...

So, Sunday has been slow and easier...just some work stuff, cooking and getting ready to go to about a crazy time...any ways...more on my running later....hopefully pic from the concert as well.