Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Staycation - June 10 - 17, 2009

Though I did not sit around on my staycation very much, I thought this cartoon was hilarious. A staycation is really awesome. I needed a much rested vacation that wasn't going to be too stressful. God definitely helped me to catch up on people and things I wanted to do. Here's a list of what I did generally on each was very interesting:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
  • Slept in
  • Time with Aunt Tracy: Sauna, Soul Food, Delicious lunch (healthy as can be), tea time(finished off two pots) and conversation. I always have a fab time with her. She gets my attitude/soul adjusted!
  • I got to eat with one of my dear friends, Amy Hartling, at one of my favorite places to eat "In the Raw" on the hill! FABULOUS AND GORGEOUS time together. We even did some shopping together.
  • Movie Time: "Nights in Rodanthe" with Richard Gere and Diane Lane - very sad movie, but worth it. "Rachel Getting Married" with Anne Hathaway - strange movie, but had some meaning.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

  • Slept in a little
  • Dr. Appt to see if we could proceed with fertility treatment - WE WERE ABLE TO...PRAISE GOD! Trigger shot for next day!
  • Shopping Day with Sheryl - we shopped and had a blast! I got some really cute clothes, plus did the new eye brow "Dazzle" treatment....very freaky, but turned out really good. Sheryl got her ear pierced with the second holes.
  • Michael and I ate out and spent some time together. I love spending time with him...we always have fun.
  • Movie Time: "New in Town" with Harry Connick Jr. and Renee Zellwinger - very cute movie.

Friday, June 12, 2009

  • Sheryl got to my house before 8:00 a.m. to do my trigger shot! Pray, pray, pray and believe God will make a miracle! :)
  • Sheryl and I watched a very strange movie "Cake Eaters". It was slow, yet I have a new respect for Kristen Stewart as an actress.
  • Watched the amazing storm that took place. It was fabulous and brought back great childhood memories.
  • Shopped a little more...had to take some stuff back from a previous shopping trip.
  • Michael and I attended the 1st of 3 events for his CPHS 10 Year Reunion! We were at Minute Man Pizza. It was nice to see another side of Michael's life.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

  • Slept in - doctor and Michael's orders! :)
  • Fertility Treatment - nerves were up, but I'm excited at the same time. We are believing that God will give us exactly what his plans are for us. May God continue to be with us on this adventure! :) We got to enjoy breakfast together and I got WAFFLES! YUMMY!
  • Michael and I attended the 2nd of 3 events for his CPHS 10 Year Reunion! We were at the Sand Springs Skating Rink. It has been a long...extremely long time since I've had a pair of skates on me. It was a blast. I got back in the game and enjoyed skating...I promise I didn't go too crazy, but I have to say...I like me some skating time...any time! :)
  • Michael and I did get to eat Panera for a later lunch....I had chicken noodle and the Fuji Apple Salad...1st time to have I didn't know they made apple vinaigrette...DELICIOUS!
  • Michael and I attended the 3rd of 3 events for his CPHS 10 Year Reunion! We were at the Crowne Plaza for the Semi Formal and Dinner. I had a blast, but of course I would...there was dancing. I love, love, love to dance. The girls from his class were great. We danced and danced and danced some more. I can't say that to you that I took it easy...the music just takes over and my body has to react...even with my silly moves! I'm so glad we went!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

  • We went to church (Fellowship Church) and Pastor Matt blew me away with the UN Relevant: Are we too political? He raised a lot of conversation in me. We followed the service with eating at one of my favorite restaurants Red Rock Canyon. We ate with Jerry and Kaye! I love hanging out with them. There was amazing praises for what God has done for all of us, plus we had a deeper discussion about the sermon. It was the best of times!
  • Michael and I went shopping a little bit. I got my dad's birthday present!
  • Actually took a nap..much needed!
  • Drove to Cushing to spend time with my Cooper Family. We had a cookout at my brothers house. My family prayed over Michael and I per our request. I praise God for giving me a wonderful christian family! It was good eats and fellowship.
  • Michael left me there to spend the night with my mom and dad. I stayed up late watching movies with my mom (we are night owl's). "House Bunny" with Anna Faris - HILARIOUS, so wasn't what I thought it was going to be. "He's Just Not That Into You" with a ton of actors I love - I've seen this one with Michael. I really liked it. It really shows you that what goes around comes around....and you don't get away with making bad choices!

Monday, June 15, 2009

  • I was in Cushing all day. I slept in till 11:00 since I didn't go to bed until 4:00 or so...yes am!
  • I got to eat lunch with the the kids, sister-in-law, her Aunt and my mom. The turkey sandwich at Naifeh's Deli and Grill is fabulous. I have to get it every time. I had way too many tots! :)
  • My mom and I went to Old Songs "Sung Here" Antique shop. I have to admit I love antique shopping. You never know what treasure you will find. I found some shelves, across and notepads for the frig.
  • Swimming at the City Water Park with my niece and nephew. I actually got some much needed sun. It was a blast with them, plus I caught up with some high school friends of mine.
  • Watched my nephew play t-ball....loved this...I caught up with even more friends from my was perfect. Michael got to be there. We ate with my family afterwards at Naifeh's again. This time I had a burger and side salad. GOOD TIMES!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

  • Tough day...I stayed in bed for a long time...I needed to get re-centered again. God is blessing so many ladies with pregnancies. It was tough to get all of them told to me in just a couple of days....15, yes, fifteen in just two days. It's tough to hear that when you are trying so hard to get pregnant yourself.......BUT....God takes care of me always. I'm so happy for each of the ladies, because I know just how perfect everything has to be for there to be a miracle created..................SO....I know He is done with me yet...He's just getting started.
  • God gave me a miracle today...I owed the labs $182.07 for past testing...when I called to pay...Emanuel (awesome) told me I owed only $2.73. Now that is a God thing! Praise Him for that, especially since our fertility treatment is a little over a $100 more than we were estimated!
  • I had great conversations with Aunt Tracy, Ale and Jennifer T.
  • I got pictures posted to Facebook from previous events...I'm posting all my phone pics today (Wed.).
  • Michael brought me lunch from an old favorite of my..."Impressions" yummy...homemade...adn I mean from scratch...carrot cake with real icing and chicken salad mouth waters just thinking about it! Thanks honey! We had a deep discussion and I felt like we are getting on the same page a little better than before....praise God!
  • Prayer Closet time....yes, sadly I've taken time away from my prayer was good to get back in there. God has shown me during my staycation what's important to me...I'm getting re-centred and loving it. I feel like me again.
  • Women's Bible Study at church - we started our first night with the "Believing God" Beth Moore Study...WOW, it's exactly what I need at this time! Praise God on High. I even have Wanda Blair, amazing Christian women, as my that's another God thing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

  • Today was supposed to be my first day back to work, but I felt I needed one more day.....I was right! Thanks God for today!
  • I slept in....ate breakfast with my hubby...and...watched "Pushing Daises" while eating popcorn.
  • I've been typing out this overview...sorry for the length...and am smiling. This has been the best vacation in a long time. I've been able to catch up with God, old and new friends and family.
  • I've been so blessed with the magnitude of people praying for Michael and makes my hear and soul happy to know that we have such an awesome support system.
  • I'm going to do some re-organizing and bible study today.

If you ever need to be re-centered or just relaxed.....try a Staycation! It's totally worth it!


Miller's Alley said...

I am glad you took a vacation I am sure you enjoyed it. :) We are praying for you Chrissy. Love ya!

Ornery's Wife said...

Great post, and thanks for all the updates. So glad you took another day off. We really do not give ourselves enough time to just be still. Good on you for doing just that. Love you and we are agreeing with you for the revelation of the promise: God will give you the desires of your heart. Hugs!!

Bobby said...

What! No running? We miss you.
Stcking around while on vacation, that's my favorite kind.

Amy said...

Sounds like you had fun, wish I could have stayed longer...can't wait to hear about God's miracle in a couple weeks! Still on my face for you!