Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting Started

Okay, Aunt Tracy told me a long time ago that I should start one of here I am. After reading a couple of people's entries I felt this would be a great place to get to know some people. I look forward to posting and reading thoughts.


Ornery's Wife said...

Yeah! And welcome to blogger world! I have made lots of friends out here, and if you comment on other people's blogs, you will too!

The key is consistent posting, I think. Even if you do it twice a week, do it every week, and you will get people dropping by to visit. Like ME! I am a frequent commenter- I can't seem to keep it in! :-)

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Leslie Anne said...

O I see you are already blog stocking me! You learn quick! P.S. Blog stocking is when you post a link to someone else's blog from your blog. Its good to have another blog to read- I look forward to it! I was just trying to convince Dad last night that he should blog as opposed to doing facebook or myspace. Good luck.