Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time Management/Life

I attended a Time Management In-service today. It was very informative and to the point. It's one of those personal development workshops that you know what you should be doing, yet you may not be doing it. I find myself in the category of being fairly organized, yet getting snowballed....then out of control...and then...eventually I finding my center again.

I'm finding that God is opening my eyes to life changes that are finally working out or coming into a beautiful bloom. It's always a blessing when I catch the miracles that God is making happen right before my eyes. Wounds are being healed in many areas.

I will say this though. My brother is dealing with a co-worker that committed suicide yesterday. It's very sad. My brother has been in a carpool with him for about a year. I got to talk to my brother tonight and could tell this has really gotten to him. There has only been a small number of times that I've seen my brother cry...and I could hear over the phone that he was hurting and crying.

He has reacted like many people do in this situation...going through the phase that you could have said something different, hung out with them should have known something was going on. Problem is....prior to an attempt on ones life or a sudden death we're not expecting...happens so fast. Hind sights 20/20.

I will say this...I'm reminded that words that are said today...can't be taken back...and actions or non-actions can not be changed. I pray that I can have a mouth that doesn't react so quickly (because unfortunately that is a negative of mine...I'm starting to work on it though)...I just hope that I can remember that we really don't know how long each of us has in this life. Is all the time we spend in the negative worth it?

I want to be remembered as a caring heart, not a bitter one (which sadly I can say I've been in the bitter gutter more times than I'd like to admit). I pray for those in this world that get to a point they see no other way to get through their problems than through taking their life...for those that hurt by anyone in the world. I know we are all human...we don't always say the right thing....or react exactly how we should, but in the end...we have to take time...step back and see what's happening...and not let it fester more than it should....because whatever may be the last thing anyone remembers.


Ornery's Wife said...

What a painful thing for your brother to be going through. Suicide is such a selfish act, isn't it? It is either the ultimate in revenge, "I'll get you back for hurting me by hurting you back and you can't fix this" or an act of complete hopelessness.

You are right in that the things we do today may be the last thing people remember about us. We never know just who will be gone tomorrow, so we have to live and love like this was our only chance. Because, really it is!

I love YOU!

Leslie Anne said...

got your message this morning. Glad to hear that things are going good. Hope you two had a nice time. Take care!