Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I used to teach Pilates about 1 1/2 years ago. I finally decided I'm ready to get back into the swing of things...kick my butt in gear...eventually get certified again...and possibly teach a class or two this Fall or next Spring.

I found a wonderful place filled with really happy people. I got to try a free class last Wednesday (TOWER PILATES) and loved it! Afterwards, I felt refreshed and energized, so I took the plunge and bought a package. The catch...I have to take 4 tower or reformer classes and 8 mat classes for a month. If I don't use it....I lose it.

Talk about a motivator, especially with a higher cost....since it was free for me when I taught. :) Now, my schedule gets I'm sure the rest of you can relate. I had buyers remorse, then thought about it a little...and realized this would force me into making time for something I want to do...and no one is telling me I have to...or I need to...or I should! It's really nice making new boundaries for myself. I'm still a long ways from where I need to be, but small achievements add up to big ones at some point.

Any ways, I took my first class since buying a package this past Saturday. It was a progressive pilates mat class. I could feel Wednesdays class, which I absolutely enjoyed....because it meant that I had kicked my butt. :) Hooray! It made for a better weekend...since I volunteered with some of my 4-Hers and parents with the Stamp Out Hunger at the Post Office (new love), then went to see my mother-in-laws new living quarters...gorgeous! She seems so happy, which she deserves! :)

Monday, I took my 2nd class. This was a progressive mat with apparatus...with the creator and owner of the progressive pilates...pretty cool....and pretty tough...we used the pilates ring and blocks. I felt all of the previous two classes. It doesn't end there though. The owner plopped down next to me on a couch at the studio...and asked if I'd be interested in getting certified by her and teaching there. COOL BEANS & PRAISE GOD! I told her I needed to get back into better form, but I'd think about it after my Masters program is completed this summer! :)

After our conversation, I had a consultation with one of the trainers. She showed me the reformer and Cadillac machines...mind you I had just taken a class before this...both were amazing and hard.

So, today was my 3rd class...this time I got a full 45 minutes of emotional, cardio and pain from the reformer class (pilates machines)...ouch....double ouch...sweat...excitement...prayer...pain...then it's time to go...PRAISE GOD. I was glad I did it...and it's actually going to end up being my favorite. I love trying new things. I'm glad I'm at a place in my life (thanks to God) that I am content...and have decided to live life...instead of pouting about it!

Any ways, I still need to do a full session on the Cadillac machine, but I'll save that for when I feel like crying...or my body feels like it's ready! :)

Keep trying new things! You'll meet new people and learn some things you never thought you'd ever learn....even from things you think you already now! Lots of love and prayers!

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