Sunday, May 25, 2008


Just a quick update on Michael and I. 2008 has been a huge traveling year. It seems like we are on the road or in a plane. Here's where we've been thus far:
  1. Flying to Denver, CO, then driving to Telluride back in January.
  2. I drove with the Kennedy's to Indianapolis, IN in March.
  3. We flew to London, then road the train to Paris....then back again in April.
  4. We went to visit Michael's mom and boyfriend in Missouri over Mother's Day weekend.
  5. I drove to Quartz Mountain for a Conference last week.
  6. Drove to Kansas City, KS this weekend and leave for home late tonight or tomorrow early morning.

So this doesn't count the times we've been to Cushing or our of town for work. We haven't had that much time at home, so that's a little adjust we have to make. It's just been one of those year's where things fall at the same time.

I just PRAISE GOD for giving us safe travel. How's your 2008 towards traveling?


Ornery's Wife said...

Well, I went to Washington in February for one week, came home for a day, then left for one week in Orlando, and two weeks in W. Palm Beach, Florida. Recently we trekked all the way over to West Tulsa to visit family, Ornery leaves June 16 for Farnborogh, England, we go to Branson for a week end of June/first of July, then Wichita for about 10 days immediately after that. He also has trips planned for Atlanta and several trips to Albequerque, NM in the fall. I am thinking I will find someplace new and different to spend Christmas, since Ryan will be overseas.

amy hartling said...

Hey Girl... one day we were training together for the marathon... the next day you dropped off the face of the earth. Your time looks awesome! Let's get together. I will be in your area June 23-27 and maybe the Friday/Sat before!

TATUR Dave said...

Tag, you're it! See my blog for five questions to answer and post on your blog.

By the way, the training season for fall marathons and half marathons has started. I know you are busy, but try to make it out to run with us some time.