Thursday, August 13, 2009

8's Just One Day Late

Okay, I'm one day late on telling 8 more favorite things on any given topic. I actually got to sleep in this morning to catch up on some much needed sleep. God is so good to me. So here are my favorite things that God has given me today. Now keep in mind...there are 1,000's of things that God has given me, these just top the 8 on today's list.
1. Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all our sins! FORGIVENESS!
2. The Bible
3. An amazing church!
4. My christian brothers and family!
5. The ability to walk, see, speak, hear and think.
6. 2nd chances....a purpose in life!
7. Music....praise and worship as my favorite!
8. LIFE (even when I don't understand it)
Now it's your turn....what are your favorite things God has given you? I praise Him for loving me even when I don't deserve it....because He says I am worthy of it.....PRAISE GOD!