Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finding a Way

I kicked off my 2nd Staycation for the year 2 Saturdays ago. My family came to see us to celebrate three of our birthdays! I love when my parents come this way! Any ways, we ended up shopping after eating at Los Cabos...YUM! I found this little treasure, which reminds me that one of my top ten things to do before I'm 40 is take a 3 to 5 day hiking trip.
I'm not saying it will be any time soon, but trying on the backpack reminded of something that's happening in my life....yes, God is preparing me for the next "mountain" that I will climb...not sure what it is...but I want to gather all the "equipment I've gathered over climbing other mountains....buckle up...and get ready for the journey.
I think I'm finding a way through all the craziness that has developed over the years. I have lost some battles...and won many...but I do know one thing...I've survived by the grace of God! YAY! I'm a survivor...sometimes it may not have looked pretty...perhaps even rough...but I survived. We each face our own battles...we each have different ways to fight them...we each come out of it in a different way.
May you find your way...your path...and take it all in.
I have been reminded so much over the last year why I started my blog...and called it Climbing the Next Mountain...I'm glad I did...because it reminds me to keep climbing. There are so many of us in this world suffering...feeling beaten up...yet we survive every day. May you remember where you've been, where you are and where you are going!
Just do one thing...keep climbing...keep trying to find a way...the gutter is sometimes the easiest, but in actuality is the hardest. Life is unpredictable...we have no control. May God equip you in finding a way!

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