Monday, March 15, 2010

And the climbing continues...

Before I can get to other stories that happened right before the surgery and the 6 weeks following, I want to update you on our recent climb. We had a doctors appointment with an OBGYN Specialist, who specializes in the highest risk pregnancies. We found out from our regular OBGYN that there were some concerns and worries. Thank God they got us into the specialist within the week of discovering the complications.

I will say that my intuition is stronger than ever before. I knew something wasn't right...still hopeful...but couldn't shake the uneasy feelings. After being at the specialist appointment for over an hour, she finally got down to the is what I posted as an overview on my facebook notes:

"Lily's Health Inside the Womb"
We are going to have to see a Pediatric Heart Doctor since Lily's right side of her heart is bigger than the left and she has a possible hole in the middle. Her growth is still behind on the tummy, so we will be seeing a lot of the OBGYN Specialist. She thinks during my blood and weight loss that Lily's health was compromised and caused the growth problems.I knew losing 20 pounds wasn't going to go without some side effects.

My umbilical cord is not flowing in one side where there should be two parts, which could be another reason for her growth problems. I'm adding 28 g of protein into my diet to see if this helps. I go to Monday to get my Glucose and Blood Clot Testing, which requires lots of blood. Pray this doesn't effect my levels, since I've not had high numbers since I lost 1/2 my blood supply. I go back to my regular OBGYN on the 22nd for some of my test results (I may get those back before then). I go see the OBGYN Specialist on the 26th for another ultrasound to see if the added protein helps and her tests results. If Lily's growth hasn't changed for the better, they will monitor us each week. We also will be seeing the Pediatric Specialist within the next 3 weeks if they can get us in.

Worst case scenarios: Lily may have to come early because it would be better for her survival than remaining in my womb....when that time comes, she may have to have heart surgery if the hole doesn't close up. Keep us in your prayers. I know God wouldn't get us this far and let us be...He's carrying us right now in his arms and I'm holding on tighter than ever! Love you all!

Well that about covers it for your updates. I want to say that God has blessed me with amazing people...Godly ones at that...and I couldn't ask for anything more. This mountain is a gigantic monster, but I look back over my entire experiences...people I've met...and things I've accomplished and failed...and realize more than ever tool shed is full...and I'm still climbing. I have no idea what the future holds....except one thing...God will get me to the top! Whatever mountain you are facing now...get into your tool shed he's provided and start climbing! Who knows when you will reach the top....but I promise you this...the view when you get there will be breathtakingly beautiful....that's what I'm looking forward to. :)


Ale Miller said...

We are trusting in the Lord that everything will be just fine and that she comes out healthy. Love ya!

MMM said...

Chrissy, I am praying for you and Lily. I should have known that I needed to add you to my prayers. I have not been on facebook, but the last couple of weeks, God has placed you on my heart. So, I just need to believe that he knows, and is walking with you!
I love you girl! Hang in there!!!