Saturday, March 20, 2010


Michael ended up taking me to the Labor & Delivery today since I have been having pain for almost 24 hours straight. I got an IV with some liquids and pain medicine...which helped me take a nice nap. Lily has moved positions so the on call Dr. decided that I have some scar tissue that Lily or the Uterus is pushing up and causing the pain. She looked great on the ultrasound...moving as always. We have the following appointments this week:

Monday with Dr. Donnelly, OBGYN
Tuesday with the Pediatric Heart Specialist
Friday with Dr. Blake, OBGYN Specialist

My blood test results came back for the following:
Torch Test - Traces that I had an Old Infection, but neither one of us has any current infections.
Glucose Test - PASSED...I was very excited about this one!

We should hear back about the Blood Clot Test Results on Fridays appointment.

Pray that all the eating I've been doing has given Lily more nutrients for her to catch up and grow in the areas she has been that her heart turns out perfect in every way. This past week has been rough for Michael and I, but we are trusting God.

I was able to attend a Women's Retreat the last 2 days, which really filled me up! I'm so glad to have amazing Christians in my life to help keep me filled up!

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Ale Miller said...

We are praying for you and little girl .