Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter & New Doctor

I just have to say that Easter Weekend 2010 has been the best in a long time. We had a jam packed weekend. Here's what all went down:

Friday - Night of Praise with our church followed by IHOP with friends.
Saturday - cleaning and Jenkins Wedding
Sunday - 8 am church service at our church followed by 2nd service at FWB Church in Cushing; Cooper Lunch; Fishing; Paddle Boat (got a tan); and Poteet Supper

It was an amazing weekend! Michael and I had a blast!

Today was awesome, because we got an appointment with the new doctor...Dr. Summers...we will see her for the first time tomorrow! PRAISE GOD! We are hoping all goes well. Another fun thing for today is that Michael got to wear the Empathy Belly at our Childbirth was hilarious and priceless. Hopefully this week will continue to be just as good!

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Amy said...

Can you send the empathy belly my Michael is in serious need of some empathy...