Saturday, April 3, 2010

No News is Good News

Well, this past week was a bumpy ride. We had to say goodbye to Dr. Donnelly, since we need an OB to deliver us at St. Francis. It was not fun, but I know God is going to take care of us! We should be getting a call from the new OB at Contemporary Women's Specialists by the first of next week.

As far as our appointment yesterday, Dr. Blake had no new news, which made me relieved in a way. At least it wasn't more bad news. I had a non-stress test and movement ultrasound. These were to see how her heart does while moving and afterwards, plus measure the amniotic fluid. We will still get an ultrasound every Friday, but she will be looking at different things. We only measure every 3 weeks. Last week Lily was 2 pounds...yippee!

For now, we still need prayer that the pulmonary artery branches will grow! Plus, we need the liquid that is on the brain to not build up any more. This can cause mental problems if we really are praying for Lily to be cured of all things wrong right now. We do have time for her to that's a praise God.

Though Michael and I are in a good is emotionally and physically draining to keep to the positive side....especially with everything in such a limbo...the doctors can only predict...I'm hoping that any prediction....would be that we get to see our daughter live a long and healthy life with us. May she have the ability to think, move, dream, achieve...and most God's will! :)

That's all for OB Specialist Appointment is set for next Friday.

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