Monday, November 10, 2008

OSU Homecoming

Homecoming Weekend was jam packed with fun! Michael and I had the pleasure of hanging out with my sis and brother-in-law for the weekend. Friday, October 17 we enjoyed the walkaround, plus Homecoming & Hoops! I am always amazed at the pomping technique. There are lots of hours and energy put into these magnificent display decks. I snapped a couple of shots on some of my favorites. I forgot to get names of each group for credit.

My sis and I got these awesome glow in the dark glow sticks from the sweetest elderly lady. She was raising money for missions. I really had a blast hanging out with my sis. It has been sporadic over the we get to see eachother a lot more, which I feel blessed!

The cheerleaders are pretty good. I was flashing back to my days as a cheerleader...for those that have been around me at game time...I still haven't given the cheerleader style up....I have to have a certain radius of free space to root my Cowboys on! It's great for me...maybe not so much for others...I tend to yell from the belly...very load I must say!

They are too cute! Only been married since June 7th!

The band was rocking it that night. We had a good time dancing with traditional moves that the band displays! The drumline is probably might favorite out of all the parts in the band!

Go Oklahoma State Cowboys and Cowgirls. We got to see a preview from both teams. They were just able to start practicing that week from what I heard!

My favorite house deck was the 80's one. I just LOVE MY 80's...perhaps it's when I was younger and things seem less crazy! Go polaroids!

Here we are for the actual game day experience...matching shirts, tattoo stickers and that's celebrating!

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