Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally...the real deal..Snake Race Report!

To all my fellow RW and TATURS....I'm sorry that I was such a tease, but I promise it has been worth ponder on what I might just say about my Snake Race buckle up and prepare to be amazed...Ken...grab some might be a little while...I'm adding all my pics and story line. :)

As I woke up on Saturday, March 21st, I realized that I might need to rethink this race. Since my allergies have flared up, I haven't been able to carb load like I needed to....nor did I run as much as I should have (sorry Coach got in the way)...yet did any of this prevent me from running on this blessed day...NO, no it did not. As any crazy RW or TATUR...we sometimes don't think rationally about what is good or not good for us...we just care about running when we want to run...especially races!

So, I got up in plenty of time to be at the starting line without any problems or a sense of rushing effect...yet somehow...(Michael) got in my way...he was watching a show that was pre-recorded...and because of my tv addiction and add and/or adhd...I WAS DISTRACTED. Before I knew it, we were going to make it to the finish line by the skin of a nano-second...craziness. I was throwing on shoes while Michael was driving like Speedy about what I DID NOT WANT TO START OUT was nuts.

I actually had to put my number on while starting the race...literally running and pinning...not the ideal situation for a runner...especially race day...but I managed to use the anger of not being prepared and being there on my advantage...I just ran....
As you can see, I didn't even have my ipod on right...I just looked at Ken as I ran by...looking like a nut trying to figure out where the tree is to store my food...hahahahaha. Any ways, I felt really good...surprising, since I hadn't ran but twice a week for the last two weeks...not my idea of dedicated, but I was determined to run this race (Ken talked it up so much).

Okay, now I'm looking like I have it all figured out. I've adjusted my ipod, which was amazing to have on this race...since talking to someone wasn't as good idea as I thought (more to come on that later). :) I did love the fact that the aide station was in a perfect spot. Just when I thought I couldn't go on...HELLO...there were many great people to serve us with tasty I try to be careful on what I eat...but Roman (with orders from Ken...I think) made the best dang treat I've ever tasted on a run. You know what I'm talking about. Now who in their right mind decides to combine oreos, peanut butter and m & m's? I'm not sure either, but I want to send a shout out to who the creator of this precious gem's delicious..........

Nice detour on the treats...back to the race. I figured the race got it's name by where we were running...I had no idea that it literally meant I'd be weaving in and out of runners. Nice twist there. This is only my 2nd trail race, so there are probably others like this...but it was my first...and I thought a lot about the title...go figure. I like to keep my mind bouncing around. I did hundreds of saves for myself while running....but there were a couple of times that I just couldn't save myself from the life changing spills....oh 1st one....I was on my 2nd loop of the race...on my way back to the finish line...
I was moving really fast, listening to Matt West...Motions...when click...air bound...flying like Super woman...crash...look around...people asking me if I'm okay...then getting up...laughing...saying I'll be okay...then saying to myself...this is like my many things get me down...stop me from living my life...but I don't let any of it for long...the devil...people...enemies...don't get to get me down for long...I was feeling very powerful...then I saw the injuries were there...they slowed me down...but I kept moving forward.

This pic shows not too long after I felt like Super Woman...I wish it could have shown the bruising that took place really did burn and ache the rest of the time...but that's not what stopped me...I finished loop 3 and felt really good...the kind of good that I could keep running the whole 6 was a wonderful feeling...yet sadly...did not last too much longer...
I loved the leaders of our race...they zoomed by me and others so many times...they were rock stars...and I felt like I was in Jr. High band....wishing someday I could play with the big dogs one day. :) My dreams for this race were shattered...when me and some roots on the path had a disagreement at mile 14.5. The roots did not completely win, since I did finish with 16 miles total in 3:12:20...but they injured me enough with two twisted ankles that 16 miles was my finish.
Sad, I know...but sometimes things work out for the better. My hubby was awesome in following me back from the aide station...I was like a penguin trying to run was very comical for myself walking like that...but my perseverance or stubbornness...paid off...because I did do more than I thought I was going to do when the race first started off...even being rushed and crazy. I love the finisher dew rag...nice touch...lightning is right...especially with it being a rainy day!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment when Michael and I got home...
He is amazing...I couldn't do what I do without him!

I was hurt..but I didn't let it get me. What's funny about this? On Monday at work, I was limping around...bruises and scratches showing...and people were really starting to look at me I decided to let them know what really happened over the weekend. I didn't want them to think my hubby was a wife beater...which I think made it look even more like that since I was giving excuses...but really...running really can beat us up! :) I PROMISE...IT'S THE RUNNING! :)

I'm here to pump you up! Actually all my runner friends, family and non-runners pump me up. I love the energy I get from the group...the racers that day were energetic and encouraging...each one is a blessing!
One of the most important things to remember is to always keep going and moving forward. There's enough to get us down (roots, our own two feet, etc.) in life. We just always need to remember when down on the ground...we must get up, dust ourselves off and move forward. :)

This is Chrissy Whitten...AKA Energizer Spud Bunny (ESB) I just keep going and going and's tough to balance all that I get myself into...but I try to be there for a good percentage of it all! I hope you enjoyed my report...hope it was worth the wait!


T Z said...

LOVE IT!!!! You really ARE the ESB!! You are only gonna get better. Gotta remember BALANCE. Balance between these two very wise trail running proverbs.
1. If you look up, you're going down.

2.If you're looking down, you're getting lost.

You will ROCK McMurtry!

Sandra said...

You are AWESOME!!!

Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

Thanks TZ for the proverbs...with your help, I'll be in good shape. Sandra, thanks for your enthusiasm!

Bobby said...

Nice report. Makes me want to go back up to Turkey Mountain and run some more. I had a few stumbles but never went down. Thanks volunteers.