Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Steps Forward, then Two Steps Back

How many of us do this dance where we go two steps forward, then two steps back? Actually I think my steps increase many times. I hope to be moving forward...even with all the chaos that is around us. Thank you all for the prayers, we need them. There's lots of turmoil around us. So many people are going through many things...such as divorce, losing their job, infertility, anger, death and more. I want to look at the sunny side of life....I may take two or more steps back...but I will move forward.

We've gone through many things in our walk...and guess what...we are still here...we are so blessed and lucky....we have a wonderful family and friends....vehicles to drive...true love...running :)...roof over our heads...food in our tummy...and many, many more blessings. I thank God for eye sight to stop and smell those roses.

Pity parties come and go, but blessings are always here. If you are reading this...I pray you get to take the steps forward. Life definitely throws us curve balls all the time...yet you can still hit those suckers out of the ballpark. I look forward to the adventures...for I know there will be a couple of pity parties that take me steps back...but I know I'll start to move forward in no time.

Cheers to being alive and experiencing life through the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm going to KEEP MOVING FORWARD...because stepping backgrounds doesn't allow me to cross the finish line! :)


Christal Pellerin said...

Thanks for opening our eyes. I know that you get through whatever you are going through and thanks for reminding us all that we have to be thankful for even in times of trouble.

Cassy Russell said...

Your posts are always so inspirational. I love reading them. Thanks for reminding us how fortunate we really are.

Amy said...

I nominated you for the Sisterhood Award on my blog...check it out!

T Z said...

Keep your chin up, or better yet....let's go for a run!