Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have a few goals for tomorrow:

1. Post pictures on facebook of events in the past month.
2. Lake McMurtry Race Report!
3. Lasik Surgery Report!
4. Catch up with my family and friends on facebook and blogging!

So be ready to read some exciting reports from me. Thank you to everyone who has been here for me always. It's been a crazy busy, but fun year. Lots going on, but what's important....that my peeps are always there! Love you all! Can't wait for you to read what I will type!


Susan Michaels said...

Can't wait for the update.
I have been missing you.

T Z said...

Dittos to what Susan said!!! I talked to Michael, and later ended up in the woods not far from your house. I went over 8 miles on the trails, and brought 8 lbs of mud home with me. I am calling this playground Zombie Hill, at least until someone tells me to stop. I plan to do quite a lot of trail running there in the next several months. When it dries up, it'll be awesome!

Please get us caught up with what all you are doing. We miss both of you!!!!