Friday, February 4, 2011

Never Fight A Rock

Yes, never get in a fight with a rock. This will only cause you great pain. I should have posted back when the incident occurred, but I got sidetracked. The day was Saturday, January 8, 2011. I was finally getting to rejoin my Runnersworld peeps for my next marathon when the infamous moment took place.

What started the problem was the fact I was trying to fit an 8 mile run in less than 1 1/2 hours. I needed to be at work to teach classes by 10:00 a.m. My smarter choice should have been to run with Sandra for 5 miles, instead of trying to do 8 miles with Ed. My second smarter choice should have been to stop at the water stop before proceeding with such a fast pace. :)

Ten minute miles wasnot what I should have been running. I had been training by myself the weeks before, yet I was in shape ready to do such a fast pace. Another smarter choice would have been to look ahead of me to make sure there were no objects in my path. Smart me…decided that looking at and talking to Stephanie, who I hadn't seen in awhile, was going to work at such a fast pace.

As we approached Lewis street to cross, I did a dance on top of a rock. We went to battle…and sadly I lost! I fought a fight though as you will see…that dang rock got grinded into the street! I really was not wanting to go down, but that is where I eventually ended up. Here is the picture of my component and the remains of our fight/dance!

I could feel the twisting and cracking of my right ankle…I was thinking…this is not gonna turn out good…I bet I broke it…and maybe worse…sprain it…which hurts worse than being broke…or so I've been told. I just stayed down and smiled. I thought to myself…a year ago, I was pregnant…told that I was going to have emergency surgery almost to the day…and that perhaps my daughter and me may not make it…that I'd lose one of my ovaries and fallopian tube…hmmm…

I just laughed…because I was really hoping to start this year off differently…and a broken bone was definitely better than surgery. Well….as always…my running buddies were there for me. I had many stop to check on me. I told them that I'd be fine. Stacy volunteered to run back and get her car to pick me up…what a blessing she was, because I couldn't have made it.

I remember sitting on that corner and just cracking up. One of the other runners had handed me the rock I got in a fight with…I just looked at it…smiling as I have lately…and laughed even harder. I thought…that dang devil has it out for me…he just can't seem to leave me alone…perhaps, I'm doing something right then for him to go through all this trouble. What's great about the next pic is the beam of light. I'd like to think that is my daughter saying hello and smiling at her crazy mommy.

I did make it back to my car and went to teach classes at my studio…though I had to really get creative on teaching that day! Leave it to me to be very stubborn and creative at the same time. My ankle decided to keep swelling…soooooo I decided to be very obedient in icing and resting. Thanks to Sandra for bringing me that awesome ice pack! Here's a pic an hour or so after the incident…I tried to teach Pilates, which made it really start swelling.

Well God has been so good to me…He even got me to go to the doctor the following Monday. I was afraid that I'd broken it, so I went just in case…plus the fact that my ankle kept swelling up bigger than a softball…and bruising was all down both sides of my ankle…foot…and up my leg...that will scare you all the way to the doctors office. Come to find out, it was a sprain. Dang thing…it really does hurt.

Now that it's been almost a month since the incident…I can say that I wore the crazy brace for almost 2 1/2 weeks…and have babied it through most of the weeks. I have a couple more weeks before I can actually attempt to really run on it. I have tried working out on it, but it keeps swelling a little. I am trying to be patient, but it's not easy.

I will say this…I don't ever want to get in another fight with a rock again…too much damage! Here's the rest of the pictures for you to enjoy!

Only a little mark on the hand, but the shoe went through a little more!

This picture shows my ankle getting bigger, but not quite the size it fully got. I sadly do not have a picture of that. I think the pain set in by that time.

These are pics after 3 1/2 weeks…so much better..and almost all the bruising was gone.

REMEMBER TO NEVER FIGHT A ROCK….it only ends badly. My hopes to run the OKC Marathon has been crushed once again. It seems that I never get to do that one…so I will settle for running the Warrior Princess Trail Run on Monday, April 25, 2011 in memory of my daughter Lilian Grace. I will be posting more about it in future posts. I hope that TZ (Trail Zombie aka Ken Childress) and I can start training after that for my next marathon, which hopefully will lead to my 103 miles I'd like to run in honor and memory of my daughter….praying and hoping that dream can become reality! Thanks for reading.

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