Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 weeks...really?

Has it really been 2 weeks since I last posted anything? Yes, my friends and unfortunately has. I promise I will be catching up on all your amazing posts. I've already started with a couple of you, beware of me going comment crazy! Since my last post was from my time with my family at Frontier City...which happened on October 25th...I will do a bullet update of my life for those that are interested. I will try to post some pictures (they tell so much) of the events and adventures of November.

  • Sunday, October 26th: Fellowship Church's Trunk or Treat Event - Michael and I went all out with our costumes and decorations for the Trunk or Treat. I looked like a man. When you get to see the pictures, you will agree with me! :) It was a blast getting to hand out candy and see the reactions of kids and adults see our lovely attraction. :) We won 1st place, which provided us with two $10 gift cards to Chili's or Macaroni Grill. We've already used one! YUMMY!
  • Tuesday, October 28th: SPE Comedy Club Gathering - Though I do not have pictures of this event, we still had a pretty good time. It was my first time to visit a Comedy Club. It was very different, but not horrible. I'm not impressed with the vulgar language. The lady comedian was the best. She only had a couple of bad words, the rest was hilarious.
  • Saturday, November 1st: Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast (no pictures). Yes, I am in Kiwanis now! :) I've been a member since the 1st part of October. I am learning so much from my fellow members. We meet once a week on Tuesday, which we are educated with some form of a program. The breakfast was fun to work, especially when I got to see just what it's like to be the volunteer and not the leader....very educational! :)
  • Sunday, November 2nd: Early Thanksgiving with the Cooper's - the food was about starting the month off right. I did have to hear about a couple of topics that I do not like, but we managed to deal with it and move on! There are quite a few of us...we are growing in size! I just love getting to be with my's always fun to catch up and relax!
  • Saturday, November 8th and Sunday, November 9th: Tulsa County 4-H Youth Officer Leadership Retreat. This is a favorite of my with some of our elite teens. We participate in 4-Wheeling, workshops, business meetings and eating. One of our workshop was watching the OSU VS Texas Tech. The lessons were many in teamwork and the lack of. I really wanted to stop watching, but we persevered and finished it. :)
  • Wednesday, November 12th & Thursday, November 13th: ONE CRAZY NIGHT OF FEAR...Michael had to be gone for a Sales School. I had come into the house to get him, but never noticed anything out of the ordinary. When I came home from dropping him off at the airport, I saw tiny pieces of a leaf. I vacuumed before Home Group not thinking too much about it....until after Home Group was over...and noticed that Michael had left the back door remembering the leaf pieces, I freaked out. Come to find out...due to my fear...I had set the alarm went off in the middle of the night...I FREAKED OUT...there are no pictures of this event, but I was scared completely out of my mind...screaming bloody murder....Grandpa and Grandma Whitten finally came over about 1 hour from the time the alarm went off...let me tell took half that long just to get Michael called..yelling into his ear. No one came to help me before alarm company neighbor came over...and yes, my crazy self didn't even think to call 911...because I thought the alarm company would...needless to say...I had Grandma and Grandpa Whitten stay with me that night and the next...PRAISE GOD for them! We did get it all figured out...the alarm got fixed...I became more aware that I need to be more was nuts. :)
  • Friday, November 14th and Saturday, November 15th: Fellowship Church Women's Shopping Retreat. I am so blessed to go to Fellowship Church. The women that attended this retreat were hilarious and fun to be around. I had the extra blessing of riding with Kaye and Jodi. We talked, laughed, cried, prayed, praised and sang. I have some really great photos to share from the trip. I was definitely glad I went on the trip. :) Susan is the reason that I have some pretty awesome hair now...when I get to fix it!
  • Sunday, November 16th: Bobby finishing the Route 66 MARATHON - YAY for Bobby! It was the hardest thing I've had to do someone else get to finish a marathon. Tears came to my eyes as I watched one after another finish. The feelings rushed over me from my first victory in completing a's a feeling that hopefully will never go away! When I saw Bobby finished, I remember him telling me he'd never...yes NEVER do a marathon....he wasn't that crazy...well BOBBY...welcome to the crazy world of running. You ran 26.2 that is is so funny...We switched places this year...I got to spectate while he finished. I'll be ready to start running....I talk to the doctor tomorrow! :) PRAY that I get released! :) I have lots of pics from this....posting soon!
  • Saturday, November 23rd: Tulsa County 4-H Share the Fun - "The Wonderful World of 4-H" - Disney characters are always a fabulous idea! I tried to dress up like Anastatia. I felt very pretty in my green dress! Pictures will be posted soon. Following the talent show, I got to eat a delicious, but quick meal with mny friend Jennifer. My sister, niece and nephew went to the movies to watch Madagascar 2...laughed a lot...loved watching the two young ones mesmerized by the cartoon characters. I absolutely love Zebra...Chris Rock's voice is wonderful! :) They all got to stay with me, since Michael was gone yet again...this time hunting. I was sure glad I didn't have to be by myself!
  • Wednesday, November 26th & Thursday, November 27th - THANKSGIVING with Michael's sides. We spent the night with mom and Mike at a hotel in Grove. I had a blast. Nan even let me try the inside of the pies before being that was perfect. I learned how to play Pitch and a dice game. Thanksgiving night we were with the Whitten's. We played the longest game of chicken foot that I have ever played. Michael and I had bought double 15 dominoes....let's just say almost 5 hours later...we finished the thing great about it....we had homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy! YUMMY
  • Friday, November 28th: more Thanksgiving - we had the Miller Thanksgiving at Aunt Tracy and Uncle Dave's...I always love going to their house...very relaxing! We had an alternative Christmas with healthier choices on the food. I'm so thankful for this year's Thanksgiving with all three sites full of family, food and fun.
  • Saturday, November 29th: OSU VS OU, Bedlam 2008 - I won't go into great was ot fun watching poor sportsmanship...especially when you see that kind of behavior when someone wins...can't people just be happy they won, instead of trying to tear others down...any ways...I prayed really hard that God would help our guys be the best that they can be...he blessed us...yet I should have been more our best didn't wear us out at the end of the game! :) I'm glad it's over...I'm ready for the Bowl Game...I'm so proud of our 9-3 season....can't be sad over that kind of finish! :) GO POKES
  • Sunday, November 30th: Casting Crowns Christmas Concert at BOK - Oh, this was amazing. I got to hang out with my peeps from my Church in Cushing...we had about 50 of us! Michael isn't much of a Christmas Music fan, but he managed to get through it. I was so excited to see Avalon and Michael English...favorites from my past and still today...Casting Crowns was incredible....even though a couple were missing due to having a happens! :) I missed hanging out with some of my was worth it. My mom and dad got to be there. We all went to Spaghetti Warehouse before hand...not my fav to eat at...but I enjoyed the company! :)
  • Monday, December 1st: Michael and I's 7th Dating Anniversary - time sure does fly by...7 years since I got to go on a date with my lovely even went to Spaghetti Warehouse in OKC...which is funny, since I had to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa the day before and the day after our Anniversary...too funny! I took the day off to surprise Michael, but he got my plans changed...he picked me up for lunch at Ollie's...YUMMY, then started his to die for chili for supper....which messed up my surprise...I was going to cook a roast with carrots and potatoes...oh time! :) 7th is heaven! :)
  • Tuesday, December 2nd: Kiwanis Christmas Party - Though I had to go without Michael since he was in Arkansas, I had a really good time. All the couples had several stories that cracked me up. I love being in Kiwanis...there's so much wisdom and knowledge to learn. We had a hoot with the White Elephant! I got my first three gifts stolen....oh yes...I was number 1, so it didn't bother me...especially when I knew I'd be the last to steal back a good present! Again, it was at Spaghetti Warehouse...not as bad as I remember, but not my fav.

As you can read, I have been a little busy. This is just some highlights...lots more took place here and there, but I wanted to do the more important ones. I hope everyone had a blissful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to have you in my life. May God bless you with many more blessings. XO


T Z said...

I'm so glad you got us all caught up on your goings on. I had just about decided you just didn't have anything going on. Instead, you were spending all your time at Spaghetti Warehouse!

Amy said...

WOW!!! That was one busy couple weeks! Glad you had a great time with friends and family during the holiday.

Ale's Alley said...

Sure does sound like you were very busy. :)

Bobby said...

Busy, busy, busy. I hear you might become more busy in the near future and start running again.
Hope to start seeing you out.