Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trail Zombie Tagged Me - Crazy 8's

Crazy Eights!
Crazy Eights I have been tagged in the Crazy Eights game by Ken aka T was back in November, but I just read it today! :) Sorry for being a bum!

8 shows I love to watch (haha...I definitely have more than 8)

1. The Mentalist
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. The Office
4. Boston Legal
5. Pushing Daisies
6. Lost
7. Private Practice
8. Grey's Anatomy

8 places I love to eat

1. Tei Kei's (love the coconut chicken sushi)
2. PF Chang's (it's pushing it, used to be my all time fav)
3. Brio's (Kansas City, KS & Allen, TX)
4. Los Cabos
5. Bad Brad's
6. Panera
7. Quizno's
8. The Smoothie King

8 things I did yesterday

1. Trouble shooting problems at work
2. worked on the Jan/Feb/March Clover Connection Newsletter
3. attend the 2008 Tulsa County OHCE Holiday Luncheon
4. blogged
5. prayed a brother-in-law was in the hospital
6. visited a dear friend in the hospital and sat in the lobby with his family
7. ate really late with hubby at Chili's...nachos and Chocolate Molten Cake...YUMMY
8. like Erin...I had some fun! :)

8 things I look forward to

1. Christmas with family...Leslie and Kyle are coming home for a visit!
2. Bowl Game...traveling with my hubby to San Diego, CA...hopefully
3. Seeing my best friends on our trip to Cali
4. GETTING BACK TO RUNNING with my peeps...FINALLY....I found out TODAY (12.4.08) from my Doctor's office that I am clear to start out slow, then build up! :) Half Marathon in I come!
5. GETTING PREGO! It's in the dear Lord's hands!
6. Reading the Christmas story...thank God for sending His son! Happy Birthday, Jesus!
7. Seeing new places I haven't been to!
8. Spring weather!

8 things I love about fall

1. Fall and Spring are the perfect weather seasons for me!
2. TV Shows starting back
4. Love wearing my boots
5. Gearing up for the holiday season
6. Chili - Michael makes the best chili
7. My mom's homemade chicken and noodles
8. Award Shows

8 things on my wish list

1. an actual injury free year
2. someone to help train for their goal race (I kept this one...because I like it...I'll have to settle with training half marathon goal makers)
3. accomplishing one of my top ten goals to accomplish before 40!
4. a healthy pregnancy and baby! :)
5. people to get along
6. keep up with my life and people
7. grow longer hair
8. to be active and creative

I now tag...
1. Bobby
2. Aunt Tracy
3. Ale
4. Leslie
5. Amy
6. Deon
7. Robin
8. Uncle Dave

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