Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4 years and almost 1 month

I know...crazy pic. Believe it or not...this was me at 25...just starting out as the 4-H Extension Educator for Tulsa County. Yes, this was my picture at the New Employee Orientation...it was raining that day. I never thought in a million years how amazing this job would be. Now it definitely has had some downs, but there have been more ups. I praise God for giving me this job. My 4 year anniversary was on June 13, 2009. I look forward to many more years. I hope you are enjoying your work. It's not always this way. I'm very happy...though behind...I'm still very happy!

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Miller's Alley said...

Congratulations Girl I am happy for you. I have had my good jobs but just haven;t stayed that long :). I am always making too many changes in my life it happens so fast I don't have a chance to stay at a job for many years. One day maybe I can though.