Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I absolutely love the number 8, so I'm going to start a new Wednesday tradition for myself on this blog. I will find a topic and have 8 items to cover and why.
First topic for my 8's Day is.....
My favorite FRUIT?
1. Strawberries - they are delicious, especially with chocolate on them. My absolute favorite.
2. Oranges - I love the Old Bagel Shop's homemade orange juice. You can see the oranges squeezed in their funky it!
3. Bananas - my all time favorite is in bread...banana I need to say!
4. Kiwi - I really do love this fruit...its sweet and juicy.
5. Apples - Have you ever had Hideaway Pizzas salad with walnuts and apples....its fabulous! So is the Fuji salad at Panera! YUMMY!
6. GRAPES - I can't forget grapes...these are amazing for snacking! SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!
7. Peaches - I just had the best homemade peach ice cream over 4th of July...thanks to my Great Aunt Janice - I'm pretty sure she made it. Delicious...fresh peaches!
8. Cherries - love them especially in cherry limeades or Shirley's! :)
What's your favorite fruit and why?


T Z said...

strawberries, and then peaches. Need to eat more.

Interesting idea for the series of 8 things.

Bobby said...

Any kind of ripe fruit is yummy. The secret is it has to be ripe.
Hard to tell until you bite into it. What a disappointment when it is not.

Sandra said...

Watermelon has to be my number 1 fruit...I love my apples with peanut butter on them!!

Ornery's Wife said...

PINEAPPLE!! Fresh, sweet and juicy! Then, peaches, although they are best right off the tree. Strawberries, apples, cantaloupe, bananas and grapes--actually my favorite is all of them together in a salad. Yum. :)