Tuesday, July 28, 2009

8's Day

For this week's favorite 8 things, I've chosen smells.

1. Rain: it can smell so good...it reminds me that things can be washed again and again and again...a starting over.
2. Roses: so sweet!
3. Babies: They always have that baby powder smell...it's also a reminder of innocents and a hopeful future...miraculous smell!
4. Snuggles Fabric Softener: Just lifts me up and makes me float.
5. Amber Sensual: though Bath and Body took away from wall scent...they still have it in lotion form...it is magnificent!
6. Food: I just love homemade food...especially something baking in the oven...you know it's almost done when it starts to fill the house with pure sugary goodness....yummy!
7. Husband: he has some awesome cologne now...let's just say it's very very nice! :) *giggles and smiles*
8. Romance Perfume...my absolute favorite....I just get lost in it...it's so pure and refreshing...and makes me feel beautiful.

Okay, there are so many more smells that I love. These are just some of them. Now your turn, tell me your top 8 smells. Praise God for my nose...especially that it works for the most part! :) HAHAHAHAHA I look forward to finding out your smells!


T Z said...

Trust me....you don't want a zombie answer to this one!!!

Amy said...

I love Romance perfume. It is all I can wear...not much other lives up to it's awesomeness...
Glad yo are home safe and sound! Looking forward to chatting soon. I will be in Tulsa Tuesday the 4th and Sat. the 8th for scans at the dr office...maybe we can get together. You can see my new car...yes, I know...I am spoiled.

Ornery's Wife said...

NO Fragrance- that's my favorite :)