Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charter Buses...oh my! Day 1

If you haven't caught on...I'm auto posting...yes...I am! I actually was a night owl this past week and got tons of these posts ready for you! :) Lucky you! Any who, at this point I have been on a charter bus since 6:00 a.m....not sure how I will be feeling, but I can only guess it will give me many fab stories to tell you later on! Keep praying for us...we should be arriving in North Carolina tonight.

Here's Day 1's schedule:

July 11th-

6:00am- Check in at the Creek Nation Complex
6:30am- Depart Okmulgee
2 meals on the way to Cherokee North Carolina

10:00pm-11:00pm- Arrive at Cherokee, NC

It's a looooooonnnnnnggggg day! Keep praying for safe travels! :)

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