Monday, September 29, 2008

Burt and Lindsey's Wedding Reception in OKC

On Friday, September 19th...Michael, John, Pam and I headed to Burt and Lindsey's wedding. The people in this story are from Michael's work! We had a b
last dancing , eating (because I hadn't had much food that day), story telling and laughing. It was so good to dance again. Mind you I paid for it the next day...mixed in with the RACE FOR THE CURE walk...I had a rough start to the following week....BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! I've posted pics top enlighten you!
Picture to the Left: Dylan and Michael
2nd row:
1st and 2nd pic: Troy and I 3rd pic: Troy dancing up a storm
Picture left: Pam, John and I posing for the cam!

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