Saturday, September 20, 2008

Other Stations

Well, there are more shows that I periodically catch up on, but couldn't remember exactly at this time. I do find myself watching music videos a lot while cleaning or relaxing. I love my music. I do have one more show I do record on MTV. :)


The Hills

As you can see from my previous lists...there's a lot of TV that we watch! :) It's only due to DVR that we are ablr to watch this many. I would not suggest that you try this in your own home. We have no kids...and save money by staying home and watching these! :)


Susan Michaels said...

So are you ready for all the new shows to watch tonight? I can't wait. Do you watch dancing with the stars? they start on ABC tonight.
I usually walk on Tuesdays & Thursday evenings with Candice. if you want to start coming out on MOnday nights when Michael runs with Bobby the 2 of us can walk then just let me know.

TATUR Dave said...

The Hills? Does that have anything to do with the route we ran on Saturday?

I don't have time to watch too much TV. Just news mostly. And I did find time to watch most of the Olympics when they were on.

Bobby said...

two and a half men was hilarious as usual.

Moi said...

we watch a lot of the same shows - big bang, how i met your mother, office....
thanks for all the comments and thoughts lately-