Monday, September 8, 2008

OSU Football & Whitten Women Fun!

The weekend was full of fun and excitement! The additions to the Boone Pickens Stadium is out of this world. It's very weird to see the change, but I think it is worth it! Life seems to be constantly changing for all of us! I had a blast taking pics, seeing old friends and catching up with family over the weekend. I've posted all the pics from the weekend to my facebook page. I decided to post some here. I love football season weather...we couldn't ask for better weather for our Cowboys to play in. I will say, our boys have a lot to work on. The defense is rough and needs to work out issue...just as the offense does. I don't want to see another season where our offense scores a lot and the defense lets the other team score a lot! Anyways, it was a great day. Ryan rode down with us and me met up with his fam. They are great people! On the way home, I was starving, so we stopped and ate at El Chico...thanks Ryan for the gas! :) El Chico was not my friend! Sorry to be blunt! I had to have coffee afterwards and thank goodness Ryan drove us home...Michael slept while I talked Ryan's ear off...sorry for the random conversation...I had coffee! :)

As for the Whitten Women time together...let's just say it was a day of working my abs because I laughed so much. Not sure how that works in on my "I'm not supposed to work my abs", but it was hilarious. I posted all the pics on facebook, but I'll give you four of my favs...our goal was to deliver the quilt we all made together to the Oklahoma State Fair. Yes, we safely got it there...other happenings...going the wrong way on a road (Tiff is an awesome driver...she saved us with minor injuries), Aunt Sharon got her nose cleaned out (what can I say...Tiff was on a roll to get us), Aunt Tammy can speak another language (in which the country is fascinated with Ronald McDonald) and Tiff has a year supply of honey and strawberry jam from Cracker Barrel (too funny...oh and something about cooked cabbage smelling like? (Tiff's not to favorite smell in the world! :)

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