Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friendships are a must!

For all the people of the world, I must tell you an important component in life is to have amazing friends. Michael and I are very lucky when it comes to our family and friends. We definitely have had times where we don't get to talk to them as often as we would like, but we appreciate the moments when we do get with them.

I've been very lucky to have spent two nights at the Condit home this week. Hannah and Ryan (plus their little guys, Cody and Stephen) treated us to a fabulous meal. Hannah can really cook! From praying before our meal (which is always one of my favorite parts) to eating up the dessert, I couldn't ask for more. We told stories and laughed a lot! They are always good about sharing the boys and life with us.

We may not be able to have kids of our own, but between my brother and sister-in-law & the Condit's....we are blessed, because they see how much we enjoy time with them and their kids. It means so much! I got to help get Cody to sleep tonight. I sang some familiar songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me and told random stories to him. It was so precious. Bedtime is my favorite with even my niece and nephew. They get so peaceful and just sweeter during this time.

I just want those that do have kids to know just how lucky you are! Take time to enjoy the moments you have with your children. It's important to always step back and evaluate to make sure you aren't missing the blessings God has given you. I'm lucky to have great examples. I learn so much from mother's like Hannah, Kristen, Sharon, my mom and others.

Some day I will be blessed with little one's of my own. I will admit, it's going to be the biggest Hallelujah day I've ever had...because it will truly be a miracle. Keep me and other women in your prayers. I am praying for all women with or without children. May all get rest, peace and love!


Ale's Alley said...

Hi!! Thank you for the comment and you know what the Lord will send you a blessing :) I keep you in my prayers for that. Oh and you can let me know when you want to get together I am free on the afternoons.

Hannah said...

Aww! What a sweet post. Glad you enjoyed coming over. It was great to be around you guys. Thanks for all of your help with the little guys here. Cody sure does enjoy your company!

Ale's Alley said...

Hi :) I am open on any of those days I am off work after 4:30pm too. Thank you for the comment yeah I don't know if I will be able to make those goals and get what I want but I can always try. :)

Ale's Alley said...

Works for me I will be waiting for your call then :)