Thursday, September 4, 2008


Someone was asking me the other day why I love Dragonflies so I thought it would be good to blog about this very thing. Dragonflies have many meanings for me:
1. When you look down on them...they look like the cross...which reminds me of God's sacrifice.
2. They are strong fliers....which reminds me to keep flying through life even when it gets me down.
3. They are one of God's beautiful creatures.
4. They are drawn to water, just as I am.
5. They are symbolic for change....which I remember that day I discovered the dragonfly...I was needing to accept many changes happening around me....and I still have to accept that life is constantly changing!
6. Though the wind can change the course for the dragonfly, it always finds it's way for the path it's suppose to go! Life for me has been a crazy roller coaster ride, yet I keep going forward (with a few steps back).

These are just some there anything that really catches your eye? Why?

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