Friday, August 29, 2008

Back on Track

Since Aunt Tracy is going to be gone for some more adventure traveling, I wanted to get in one more time to continue catching up and just having girl time! Yes, I actually am getting to have girl awesome is that?....So AWESOME! I'm so blessed to have someone to talk to about anything and everything.

I even got to talk to Ale, who is lucky enough to be staying at the Miller Manor. About Miller Manor.....what to's very peaceful and full of energy and relaxation. Aunt Tracy and I got to relax in the living room sipping hot "chocolate" tea while carrying on about this and that.

We proceeded to the Infrared Sauna that really got us sweating. It was very toasty, but I never felt better. This week has been perfect for getting back on track with my "I'm going to relax more" goal for myself.

I did acupuncture on Monday...loved it...always love's amazing...then time with Tracy on Wednesday.

Thursday, I got to spend time with Michael...our eating habits are when we try to put something not so good for us...we really pay for it. This has been a frequent learning experience for me and my hubby! :) I think we are starting to get the gist that we really have to stay away from eating out.

Any ways, this weekend will be full of seeing the new BOK Center open house, quilting with the Whitten Women, watch party for season opener "OSU Football Game" (GO POKES), Church Family Picnic and possibly painting our Master Bathroom. Okay, it's a lot of stuff. I am getting back on track with enjoying life and living it up with family and friends.

Sometimes you have to step aside and let life never know what will come your way! :)

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Ale's Alley said...

I really enjoy our chat chrissiy maybe you can come more often to talk more :)