Thursday, August 7, 2008

God Shines On

God knows just when to shine brighter than ever in my life. I got to talk to Gaby, an old camp buddy, tonight on the phone. She's in Mexico and I here! It's amazing what God is doing in her life! As of right now, she is going to be a missionary...possibly going to Africa later on. She got to share her story, which is phenomenal. I met her during a time in her life where she didn't know where life was taking her, yet she had a spirit about herself. She did have a lot of bitterness, but you can't hide your soul! :)

She reminded me how important each of us is to one another through our walks in life. She met me when my faith was so strong and abundant, which I'm getting back to with each watering from God. I am far from perfect. I hope I get it right more times than I do wrong. I don't always say the right thing...or react how I should, but when it's all said and done...I could do nothing without God!

May you be still and see what God has done for you. May he lead you through your purpose in life. May you step aside to let him work. May you stop to count your blessings. May you display the fruits of the spirit! :) GOD KNOWS WHEN WE NEED TO BE LIFTED UP! PRAISE HIM ON HIGH!

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