Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Organizing never ends!

Have you ever felt that you almost have things organized....yet look deeper...and realize there's still more. I don't think it's meant for us to be completely organized in anything we do. It helps me see that I'm far from perfect...though I've never been in danger to think I was! :) I've had opportunities to visit many homes, business and misc. places. It's very interesting to find out just what level each owner is at in their life.

I have found places that are really organized to a nightmare and disaster zone. What makes us keep our home or business the way we do? I find that psychological elements come into play. For those that keep things fairly organized, perhaps you have it more together. For those that have things everywhere, perhaps you could slow down. For those that have things that you can't even identify, perhaps it's time to hire someone to help! :)

I do not keep things completely organized, but I do like to try. Some of my family members are notorious for their hoarding. This is why I try to keep up with things, because I'm naturally a hoarder. After years of working out it, I think I've come a long ways.

Organizing may never end, but I'm up for the challenge to try to keep it roped in and clean! :) Good luck to those that struggle...and for those that don't...may you not backslide! :)


Ornery's Wife said...

Despite our best efforts, the business of life is just plain messy. Don't despair, though. At least you have the motivation and desire to keep it under control. May you continue in that way through your golden years!

Ornery's Wife said...

oh, cool blog.