Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fairest of the Fair - Payne County

Last Saturday, August 23, 2008, I was lucky enough to judge the Payne County's Fairest of the Fair Pageant. It was a very rewarding endeavor for both the participants and the judges! This pageant has impressed me the most from all that I've ever seen. The "real" girl stands out and makes her place as the winner. All four categories were fun to judge.

My favorite was the Teen Category. I didn't know until after we had selected the winner that she had competed 6 or 7 times at this event and never had won. She was the most excited...she cried, I cried and so did some others. It was cool to see that perseverance does pay just depends on how willing each of us is in meeting our goal and hitting it out of the park! :)

I'm so happy I participated in this wonderful event. Thanks to Michelle for helping me out when I did the Mrs. Northern Oklahoma Pageant and in exchange getting me to judge. :)

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