Saturday, August 30, 2008

Casa Bonita, Slide Zone, BOK Center, OSU Football & Hospital Visit

When I say that getting off work at 4:30 p.m. on Friday was going to be busier at that point than working full-time this week, I meant it! I started out with a surprisingly good meal with my brother at Casa Bonita on Friday at 4:45 p.m. They apparently reopened with the name almost 2 months ago. I had the veggie enchiladas, which were awesome! Lots of cheese though, but no onion! :) I ended up buying Slide Zone tickets from the Tulsa County 4-H Horse Michael and I got some cultural learning in the Reining world of horses. After vi sting Starbucks, we got to bed.

Saturday- jam packed and ready to go to sleep....we started out with the BOK Center's Grand about a phenomenal building...the design is magnificent...I was very impressed. There were so many people there. I think it was busy the whole day. No one wanted to miss out. We got home in time to get ready for the OSU Football game. Tiffany, Lance, John and Garrett came over to watch the show. I had a sidebar, working with McKinzey on some 4-H stuff!

Michael made is famous Turkey Chili, which was yummy as always! He's such a terrific cook...very talented. The game wasn't very exciting, except that we did win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take a boring game....if it means victory for our cowboys! :)

To finish the day off, we went to see Cody's little girl with Tiff and Lance. You talk about a miracle happening. There was a complication with Jacie's mouth development. She has the most gorgeous eyes and eye lashes. She has a tough road ahead of her. Please pray for the surgery's to come and other miscellaneous things her parents will have to go through. They are very strong. It definitely was not easy being in ICU with all those babies! :(

That gives you a breakdown of a jam packed day, but it was worth every little thing that happened. God is so good! He definitely has a plan! I learned a lot today!

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