Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shopping in Chrissy's Closet

Oh yes, as today has been my first day just to do whatever I want to do....sigh....I decided to shop in my own closet. Yes, sounds different and cheap!!!! What the greatest thing is to that it was completely FREE! :) There are so many times in the past that I've had to buy that emergency top or outfit for an event.

My closet was color coordinated (go figure), but it needed to be more than that. I have thought time and again that I have nothing to wear. So I fixed that today by trying on almost every single article of clothing that I have. It was so much fun. I got to rediscover some of my old favorites. I matched up pants, Capri's, skirts and shorts with really cute tops that I OWN! :)

I have so many outfits now that I could probably go 2 months or longer before having to start over. So, with the newly refined wardrobe that cost me nothing more than time to get it into perspective...I will not feel the need to go shopping for a long time! I will be able to enjoy showing off my new looks. It did help that I lost 12 pounds from the surgery on June I can fit into a lot of the clothes that haven't seen the light of day in a long time!

I am very satisfied with my accomplishment today. I encourage all of you to take a few hours to try on clothes and rediscover yourself and your wardrobe. Remember that it's something to do, free from spending more hard earned money and fun! Happy organizing!


amy hartling said...

I cleaned out my closet last week. It is now organized and color coded as well. I didn't try on everything, but since I dropped a dress size (or two maybe) I should have. I got ride of the old suits and dresses that I use to teach in, since I don't wear them anymore. It is nice and neat. But unfortunately, it DIDN'T curb my enthusasim to shop. Back to School does that to me-- it feels like I must expland my wardrobe.

So... things are going. I have a lot to do to be ready for school. Heck, Open House/Meet the Teacher night is first. I have one day at school before that. Tuesday is a meeting, dentist, open house. Then Wednesday is meetins ALL day. Then Thursday is kids. I am now up to 11. The two new kids are hearing impaired. Could be interesting since I don't know sign! I may learning a crash course.
Michael is still sleeping. Evy is at Mom and Dads, I am thinking it would be perfect to go for a ride. I am thinking 5.5 miles...

Ornery's Wife said...

How fun! I recently purged my closet, but didn't try things on. Within a few months nothing in there will fit me, anyway, so I am not too concerned at this point. I am really surprised things are still fitting me now, truthfully! But, I am glad they are!

Congrats on the weight loss! It would be great to see you in one of your new outfits sometime! Care to come for tea some afternoon?

Candice said...

I have absolutely no plans (or desire) to clean/organize/color code my closet - so it's just not gonna happen for me, but GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

And yes, I would definitely be interested in walking with you! I'm committed to leading a Tulsa Run / Beginners group on Saturday mornings at 6:45, but if you want to come out at 5:45 with the marathon/half marathon groups I can walk with you then.