Monday, August 11, 2008


Okay, me...non-competive...I think not. Even when I blood is pumping and I get way too involved. My husband tries to remind me that our Olympians can not hear me from Tulsa to Beijing...I beg to differ. In spirit, I know that I play a tiny part....perhaps smaller than I'd ever admit....that my heartfelt, cheering and screaming...makes it just a little better for our USA team members overseas. I can't help it. I love to cheer! I love for us to win! I want to see Phelps win his 8 golds...and for the USA to have our flags raised in as many medal ceremonies as possible.

These athletes have the biggest dedication and heart. Phelps has pretty much been living a life of sleep, eat and swim for the past 4 years to prepare him for this amazing the dedication. I wish I could be dedicated just 10%. I give it to them for working so hard. They give us hope, courage and drive. Thank you USA for giving us freedom...for giving us the drive....I just pray and hope that we can see the things we need to improve to make it even better! :)

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amy hartling said...

I have been watching the swimming too! But can you believe I MISSED the greatest race in Olympic history. I actually missed ther 4x100 relay. AHHH! I am sure I can find it online. I will when I have some time. THanks for the prayers. I am probably building myself up a little more than I should. But, it has never been like this before and I am REALLY trying to avoid the shots. I am going off to get ready for work! Have a terrific Tuesday!