Sunday, October 12, 2008

National 4-H Week - October 5-11

We had an awesome week of celebrating National 4-H Week! Tuesday, October 7th..we had our Tulsa County 4-H Open House...with over 80 people attending! Thursday, October 9th...I was able to work with one of my co-workers, Rick Clovis in teaching over 130 4th graders about the OSU Stream Trailer. To finish my time off, I helped the Keystone 4-H Club with their Derby Days Concession Stand in Sand Springs, OK! I'm posting pics to display some of the activity...not all! :)
What do the 4 H's stand for....HEAD, HEART, HANDS and HEALTH!
4-H trains youth to be better citizens and leaders for our future! We've been in Oklahoma for 100 years in 2009!

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Susan Michaels said...

looks like you were having a great time. still waiting for you to come out and walk with Candice & me.