Wednesday, October 1, 2008


On Saturday, September 20th...I was a busy bee....I walked in the RACE FOR THE CURE, then had some much needed girly time with some of my closest friends...Alison, Kara and Leslie. Alison, Kara and I met over 11 years ago during our time at Drummond on OSU Campus. We reunited a few years ago. Alison is always good about getting us together. Leslie is Alison and Kara's childhood friends (I think). Any ways, our girly time was a blast. We painted pottery at the Purple Glaze. My sister-in-law, Leslie Hall, has done this with her when Alison brought the idea to the table, I was ecstatic! :) Leslie, it is so much fun...I just need to work on my creativity and actual painting skills. :)

We ended up staying at the studio for a total of 2.5 hours, then proceeded to Charleston's where I had an amazing pizza! Oh was there Italian Sausage and Moz cheese with pesto sauce pizza....of course...due to allergies....sad....tear...I had to get it minus the sausage and tomato. It was still delicious. We had great the way, we walked from the studio to Charleston's..then to Starbucks....YUMMY. We had a blast playing SORRY! I somehow pulled it off and won the game.

I will have to thank the girls, because the next day was the big Tulsa County 60th Annual Achievement Banquet....I wasn't stressed, because we had our girl time! Thank God for friends! Here's some pics to mark our adventure and girly time! FABULOUS! Always take time to pays off!

Chrissy Alison Kara



Bobby said...

Yum Charleston's. Good place to eat. Their grilled Salmon is wonderful.

Ale's Alley said...

Looks like you had fun on saturday Chrissy. It sure is fun to get together with good friends and have fun :)