Monday, October 13, 2008

OSU....Go Cowboys...number 8 in the nation!

We are so very proud of our Cowboys! Michael and I have been devoted fans our entire lives! I know that I was born into the Cowboy family on one side! The Cowboys have had their ups and downs...mostly downs, but you can't help but be a fan for the underdogs. Being a Cowboy fan takes a lot of things...I thought I'd jot down a few things to let you know what being a true fan for the OSU Cowboys really is....remember this is my opinion...:)

You are a true Cowboy fan if.....

10. You wear orange!

9. You know how to pray!

8. You stay in the stands even when your boys are way behind and there is no hope!

7. You get frustrated, but keep the love alive!

6. You can sing Ride 'Em Cowboys and our Alma Mater!

5. You bring your keys!

4. You shout out ORANGE POWER as long as you possibly can!

3. You know that push ups are important!

2. You keep your head high even if the boys lose 5 games in a row..or have a winning or losing season.

1. You never give up on our boys....even when it got really bad....yet you kept cheering them on with all your heart....and you wear orange to church the next or lose!

I will admit....there were a few times I thought about giving up on my Alma Mater, but......I came to my senses and hung in there. We've made it to bowl game after bowl awesome is it to think that we could be in the Big 12 Championship.....and yes....the hope of being in a National Championship game....oh start praying...wipe those tears...because this is really happening....I thought to ask someone to pinch me....yet I know our boys have worked hard...and the coaching staff has been building our team....and the help from Boone Pickens can't go unnoticed....let's hope the boys stay healthy....and persevere through the wins....and keep kicking it and making the plays that get us closer to living the full dream.


Bobby said...

You sound like a true fan to me.

Ale's Alley said...

Yeah you sure sound like a true fan :). Too bad I don't like orange I know I know but just don't like it. Thank you for the prayers. I am doing good this week, you know just woroking like always. Oh yeah forgot I start vacation time on friday until next tuesday how fun.

Ale's Alley said...

No I really don't have any plans for my vacation days :)